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38 interesting fun facts for kids about school

All students should know the facts about school. In reality, these statements make the student more positive towards studies. In the article, I will share with you interesting facts about school that will surprise you:

  1. One of the random facts about school is, once police arrested the 12-year girl for doing doodling from more than 2 hours on her school desk.
  2. School word has derived from ancient Greek which means” free time”.
  3. When we talk about the school life morning alarm is the most irritating moment for the children’s.
  4. The wonderful news for every student is” absence of his teacher”.
  5. When it comes to the most annoying moment, surprise test and final papers come first.
  6. Ruthless journey for every student is” lane which goes to the class room.”
  7. A lovely moment for every student is” hangout with friends.”
  8. The most difficult task for every student is “homework.”
  9. Except classroom students like every room like cinema, arts, and sports room.


13. Does are more intelligent than males?

  1. According to one research, female students are more intelligent than males, and this is the main reason they get better grades then males. There are many fun facts for kids that prefer going to school.


  1. One of the interesting facts about high school is, homework and depression both are inversely proportional to each other. The more homework student will get the more he gets depressed and less participate in the extra circular activities.
  2. The most common trend of Japanese schools is they don’t hire the staff for cleaning. They did this process from school student to make them more efficient, responsible and work oriented.
  3. The fun school fact is, every student whether he is intelligent or not don’t like to go school, however, they would like to do everything rather than going to school.
  4. If you want to remember anything for a lifetime, then immediately take a nap after learning it. This process will help you to glue these words in your memory.
  5. Arts students are more intelligent than the academic students.
  6. All over the world, the ratio of graduated students is increased to 10%.
  7. More than 25% students fail to graduate because of negligence.
  8. One if the main facts about college education are, it decreases the ratio of smokers. The more people will be educated, the more they avoid doing smoking.
  9. Average students do the following activates during school lectures. This is one of the best fun facts for kids.
  10. Sleep
  11. Less team work
  12. Excuse about no homework
  13. Irresponsible
  14. One of the biggest cons of school uniforms is, it makes the student more responsible and collaborative.
  15. Cool facts about school are, in Brooklyn an aged woman is still teaching math’s to her students at the school with full passion and dedication.

30.  Why children’s hate school?

  1. Well, two reasons waking up early and education are responsible for it.
  2. The favorite subject of American student is math and science.
  3. In Brooklyn, famous schools arrange weekly enjoyment classes for its student which includes games, snacks, nap time, dressing show and arts to make them fresh and study oriented quickly.
  4. School trips are considered to be the funniest journeys while sitting in a bus for school trips you may notice that quiet students sit at the front side of a bus, normal ones in the middle and noisy at the end of the bus.
  5. One of the interesting facts about high school is, Traffic jam before school is not many depressives for the student as compared to traffic jam after school because of tiredness and homework pressure.
  6. While studying student find it interesting to stare at the wall.
  7. For having fun, some female students like to do sex on the school bus.
  8. Benefits of school uniforms are, it brings equality between students and makes them free from the fashion fears.
  9. When it comes to the typical uniform, it is free from all the fashion cuts and gives a reasonable look to the students.
  10. There are many positive effects of school uniforms, for example, it makes the student identifiable and stops following fashion statement. These fun facts for kids that would give the positive feeling to the students.
  11. Normally students and teachers both forget what they ate in the dinner.
  12. The most refreshing day for the students is Saturday because it is the last day of the week and beginning of the weekend.
  13. Average student spends half of his life to decide on how to add fashion in their school uniform. Book printed boxes are available in the thoughtful design details like customization. These boxes are best for expanding the customers experience and make them realize that company cares about their targeted customers.