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Basic Jump Rope Warm-up Tips and Techniques

If you’re just getting started with jumping rope, relax with this jump rope warm up and beginner workout. “Do a few calf raises and figure out your breathing rhythm before jumping. Keep your body straight and jumping quickly and smoothly. Keep your concentration in place on the wall so that your jumps are consistent and confident,” says Brown.

“Low-load workouts can include light jumps for 5-10 minutes with singles (one movement per jump), while intense workouts can include one-minute brisk intervals for multiple rounds,” says Brown.

Jump Rope Tips

Put on your headphones and listen to your favorite music. The music will motivate you and keep you trying. Just enjoy the process. Learning to jump rope is a journey, not a destination.

If you are constantly tripping over the rope, try jumping without it. Imagine you have a rope in your hands and focus on the rhythm instead. Return the rope when you feel more comfortable.

Breathe through your nose. Don’t breathe through your mouth. First, you never breathe through your mouth during a fight because of the mouthpiece, so train yourself to breathe through your nose when jumping rope. Secondly, breathing through the nose soothes breathing and increases endurance.

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Try your best to land on the balls of your feet with your knees bent slightly to absorb impacts and protect your joints.

Stand as straight as possible in the air. This will keep you balanced as you land.

Try to make your jumps shorter and faster, rather than jumping higher and slower. By doing so, you can develop your own unique rhythm for boxing and jumping rope. In addition, the higher your jumps, the more energy you burn, which will tire you out faster.

Rotate the rope with your arms and hands only, without using your shoulders. Try your best to keep your shoulders in place, but relaxed and not tense.

Let the rope “slap” gently on the floor. This distinct noise can also help you with your rhythm and timing.

Basic Jump Rope Techniques

A single bounce on two legs is your main bounce from the rope. Everyone does this for their first jump. Jump with both feet together, landing on the balls of your feet.

Alternately – alternate the left and right legs in compact jumps. You will almost run in place.

Side swing – Connect the handles and swing the rope down on one side before moving it to the other side in the same motion.

Alternative double – alternate left and right legs, but this time with two compact jumps.

Boxing Shuffle – Similar to an alternate take, but this time take your free leg and tap it lightly on the ground after the rope has passed. It will appear that you are jumping on both legs, but your weight is still only on one leg.