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Best 2 Stage Snow Blower


It is very difficult to select any 2 Stage Snow Blower as they are available in different sizes and shapes that offer many unique features. Some 2 stage Snow blowers are available for small areas, costing almost less than $2500. However, for a big-sized 2 stage snow blower, you may require a bigger budget, and also, the other specifications would be a little bit different. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you understand your requirements for a 2 stage snowblower before buying it in actuality.

Here in this article, we will also go through some of the best 2 stage snow blowers along with pros and cons. We are not targeting any specific budget people as this article is about top-quality 2 stage snow blowers. All you need to do now is to find a 2 stage snow blower that matches your criteria, and it’s working to fulfill your exact requirements.

Best 2 Stage Snow Blower

The best 2 stage Snow Blowers are picked up in this article considering performance versus price. Here you will find all the relevant information about these top 6 two-stage snow blowers. Below are the top best 6 two-stage snow blowers:

  • Husqvarna ST224 Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower
  • Briggs & Stratton Dual-Stage Snow Blower
  • Husqvarna ST224P Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

1.  Husqvarna ST224 Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

It is one of the oldest and most popular brands of power tools. Husqvarna ST224 is present in the 1st position in this article as it offers a lot of things for its given price. Moreover, it comes with a large 24-inch auger or blade width as per its name, which is one of the best options for most users out there. Moreover, it is a powerful device that comes with a 208 CC gas engine from Husqvarna. Likewise, its engine uses a friction disc transmission to offer smooth operation of this efficient engine.

Most importantly, here you will get a 5-year long warranty with this gas engine that makes it highly reliable for use for a long duration. Another most important feature of this two-stage snow blower is that it comes with large 15-inch wheels. These 15-inch wheels allow you to easily navigate, even in deep snow. In addition, you also get other useful features in this snowblower, such as an electric start feature for ease of use. If needed, it even comes with a remote chute rotator and remote chute deflector.


  • 208 cc gas-engine
  • LED lights at the front
  • 5 year warranty
  • 15 inch tyres
  • Efficient and reliable engine
  • Remote chute deflector


  • It may be non-affordable or expensive for some users.
  • Its blade size is not suitable for small lawns

2.  Briggs & Stratton Dual-Stage Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton’s two-stage gas-powered snow blower is present in the 2nd position in the best 2 stage snow blowers list. This device is one of the cheapest gas-powered snow blower options available out there. Thanks to its 208 CC gas engine, it can offer quite decent performance. Additionally, with the help of its gas engine, it can power its dual-stage 24-inch wide auger that is more than enough for clearing snow. Moreover, it offers a 3-year long warranty that is quite great in its price category.

In addition, this gas engine can generate a high torque rating of 9.5 feet pounds. As a result, you can move a lot of snow using this two-stage snowblower in a short period of time when combined with its 20-inch intake height or cutting depth.


  • Convenient electric start for ease.
  • Manual deflector controls
  • 3 year warranty
  • Friction drive system
  • 20 inch cutting depth


  • Not suitable for rough lawns

3.  Husqvarna ST224P Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

This Husqvarna ST224P gas-powered two-stage snow blower comes with 15-inch tires, further help while moving this snow blower for clearing snow. This one is also powered by a 208 CC engine, similar to that of the previous one discussed earlier, that is able to generate a power rating of 6.3 HP. You get high snow clearing capacity with this snow blower when combined with its 12-inch ribbon auger.

Moreover, it also offers a 180-degree adjustable remote chute at the front for throwing snow easily in any direction. Additionally, Husqvarna ST224P has a sizable 2.7-liter fuel tank for use for a long time quite easily. Likewise, this device is highly reliable as it offers a 5-year long warranty.


  • 12 inch ribbon auger
  • 7 liter fuel tank capacity
  • Heated grip grips
  • Remote adjustable 180 degree deflector and chute
  • 24 inch blade width
  • 208 cc gas engine


  • No backup support


These kinds of snow blowers use an auger for clearing the snow and a separate propeller for throwing the snow away. For that reason, these two-stage snow blowers are much more powerful and allow you to throw snow very far. Due to this advantage, these are a great option for industrial and commercial usage. Due to this, we have mentioned the best 2 stage snow blower in this article. These things can be quite useful to choose the perfect one for you and learn everything about such snow blowers.