Value for income? Overlook about it. Bang for the buck? Sheesh. Definitely outstanding, beautiful, thumping, rich, crystal obvious sound that will reverberate during your space and continue being caught in your ears for days on conclude? Yes!

This is what the Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 product is all about. No, not for this speaker product the minimal pickings of a $50 Logitech pair or the puny seem from an Altec Lansing audacity record computer audio windows 10 The B&W MM-1 is the Bentley of personal computer speakers. Whilst a Ford might get you from point A to position B, the Bentley does the very same with emphatic type. Very same with the B&W – it’ll engage in your Radiohead, your Death Taxi for Cutie and (gasp!) even your Ke$ha like any other speaker, but it will do it with so a lot fashion that you can’t aid but tumble in love with it.

B&W – Bowers & Wilkins, like so many other amazing organizations brought to life by the collaboration of two geniuses – think Harley Davidson, Ben & Jerry’s, Rolls Royce, or Bang & Olfusen – has long staked the claim of becoming Britain’s best speaker producer. Audiophiles swear by B&W and rightfully so, for these are some of the very best looking, ideal performing speakers you will ever find.

With the MM-1, B&W has taken a leap into uncharted territory: personal computer speakers. Most B&W speakers are meant to be utilized with a house theater technique. The MM-1 bucks the development and can be hooked up to your laptop computer/desktop with minimum fuss to produce the exact same B&W top quality that has won the loyalty of audiophiles the globe in excess of.

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1: The Positives

Seems to be

Take a appear at the MM-1. Stare deep into its handsome kind, see the chrome band hugging it correct in the centre, and witness its lean, shapely contours. What do you truly feel? An outstanding outpouring of emotion? That is what we get in touch with adore at initial sight.

I know I am commencing to sound a bit like the Old Spice Male, but hyperbole aside, the MM-1 has to be the ideal seeking laptop speaker on the market place. It really is not outlandish, neither does it draw focus to itself. It really is smooth, stylish, and looks incredibly sleek. There is just 1 term to describe its appears: stylish. I would’ve bought them just to stare at them for several hours, even if they didn’t generate the tiniest smidgen of audio.


The seem is what you in fact plop down your difficult earned income for. Positive, the speakers could seem like a million bucks, but except if they create the thumping audio each and every time you turn up the volume, you are simply throwing away your money. Fortunately, this is the department Bowers & Wilkins focus in. In other terms, the B&W MM-one might appear staid and elegant, but in conditions of overall performance, it is positively outlandishly great.

As a two. method, the MM-1 sits tiny. Each and every speaker is just inches substantial and 3.nine inches wide. Each unit includes a three inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter. On the proper speaker, you are going to locate four 18-watt Course D amplifiers – two for the right speaker, two for the still left. You can connect the B&W MM-one to your personal computer via a USB cable. To make the system “audiophile evidence”, the USB cable runs via a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that raises the output of the woofers and smoothens out the sound.

B&W statements that you do not require a subwoofer with these speakers, which is partly real. Although you almost certainly will not likely need to have a sub for regular audio, if you truly want to feel the punch of a bass weighty amount, you may well want to shell out for an extra subwoofer. But then, B&W was aiming for compactness with this program, and incorporating a massive subwoofer would possibly make the speakers as well cumbersome to be moved all around easily.

Or else, the bass is deep, rich and obvious, and you genuinely is not going to have any complaints unless you switch up the volume to one hundred. The speakers do a remarkable work with complex, layered audio as in the Radiohead’s “Kid-A”, or even likely all the way again to the Pink Floyd’s “Dark Aspect of the Moon”, rendering the variances in reverberation, vocals, drumlines and bass lines with fantastic clarity.

The speakers ship with a remote for easy control.

Bowers & Wilkins MM-one: The Negatives

Initial (and most clearly), the value. These speakers will established you again by $499. 50 percent a thousand dollars is no suggest amount. But for $499, you get just what you would want: a best of the line, substantial top quality speaker that will reproduce Pavarotti more accurately than even watching Pavarotti in concert.

Up coming, the sound does tend to feel flinty and hard edged at occasions. Whilst this may possibly be fantastic for rock and hip hop, if you are into far more mellow, softer audio, you may well not be fully satiated with the outcomes. Furthermore, the absence of a subwoofer hurts the overall setup a great deal, specifically in the punchier sections.

Bowers & Wilkins MM-one: Summary

The B&W MM-1 is an incredible pair of two. speakers that will established your house on fire with their amazing overall performance. Are there greater speakers on the market? Possibly. Are there far more affordable 2. computer speakers in merchants? Undoubtedly. But can any other speaker system carry out as extremely in this kind of a little package? I doubt so. It is pricey, but in my humble opinion, well really worth the price.