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Effect Of Using Computer On Eye


What Is The Worth Of A Computer?

One of the biggest and commonly used technology is a computer system. A computer system is helpful for every other possible use nowadays. It is for educational, entertainment, professional, and many other purposes. It has so many benefits that one cannot have it on fingertips. But the services are for the cost of our visual health.

How Can A Computer Cause Damage To The Eyes?

A computer system consists mainly of a monitor system and a central processing unit. These monitors emit harmful blue lights, which are detrimental for the skin and eyes too. The effect these harmful rays have on vision is adverse.

You may experience usual symptoms like strain in the eyes, red eyes, blurred vision, and headaches just after using the screen for a prolonged time. While you are trying to look at some characters on the screen, It will be easy but, reading words may be termed as a little bit complicated. For this purpose, our eyes focus on the screen multiple times, which leads to eye strain.

Effect Of The Computer On Eye

While the regular exposure of technology to eyes has made everyone unaware of the effects these technologies may have. Prolonged exposure may also cause severe side effects. Some of the problems caused in vision using a computer are summarized below.

Retina Damage

Using a computer can damage the retina of our eyes. The blue rays emitting from the computer screen can cause damage to the retina. This damage in the retina can damage your central vision, which will impair your ability to see things from near, as the retina is responsible for focusing your eye on something.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome can develop as a result of prolonged use of a computer. This syndrome can affect millions of people, no matter if they are working in offices or homes. The symptoms may include; headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, sensitivity to light, the strain on eyes, watery or itchy eyes. It may give you watery eyes, which will not be an issue for the vision but is uncomfortable.

Headaches And Migraines.

The most adverse and expected effect of using a computer for an extended period can result in migraines or headaches. What happens when you are trying to focus on the words? Your eyes work hard to read whatever is there, which eventually leads to muscle contractions around the temples. Moreover, migraine can also happen due to long-time use of a computer which may not be termed as an ordinary headache but also with severe nausea and light sensitivity.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Additionally, dry eye syndrome may occur as a result of watching something constantly on a computer screen. When you focus on something on the television and lose track of time, you may sometimes forget to blink. Because of this, the watery layer over the eyes may not appear. This watery layer of the eyes provides lubrication to the eyes. If this lubricant dries out, eyes become itchy and are uncomfortable.

Pre-Mature Weak Eyesight

Not only adults but children are also fond of the computer system. They want to watch cartoons as well as read stories over the computer. Continued use of a computer may damage their eyes, causing them to develop pre-mature weak eyesight. This will lead to using spectacles and, in the worst scenario, may develop partial blindness.


According to precautionary steps sugguested by Canadian Pharmacy. Using a computer may not be avoided because of its importance, but some preventive measures can help prevent maximum eye damage. First of all, maintain a proper distance between the eyes and the computer screen, so there will be minimal stress over the eyes. Secondly, a rich diet with Lumega-Z can help to strengthen the proteins in the eye muscles. Thirdly try to adjust the screen’s brightness accordingly and try to give yourself a break while using the computer for a long time.

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