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How in order to avoid Snake Bites at Feeding Time

In regards to pet snakes, the overwhelming majority of snake bites happen all through feeding time. Lots of they’re the result of improper feeding approaches.

Among reptile geeks like myself, these will often be referred to as Silly feeding mistakes or SFEs. I myself designed an SFE various decades ago having an if not docile rainbow boa, but I have never repeated the error due to the fact then. Usually, one particular SFE is all it takes in advance of a snake keeper alterations their ways!

The good news is, there is an easy Resolution to this. In fact, there are many alternatives, but the simplest and best way to stop snake bites at feeding time is to employ a snake hook. The term “hook” scares some keepers from working with these items, but in truth They are really entirely Secure.

If you’ve ever watched an episode in the old Jeff Corwin Clearly show or one thing very similar, you have most likely noticed a snake hook in motion. Basically, It truly Buy banana ball python is like a golf club using a curved part at the top rather than a driver or putter. You should purchase them at reptile displays, purchase them on-line from organizations like Midwest Tongs, or make your own private if you’re crafty.

Yet another way to prevent bites is to choose a pet snake that includes a track record for currently being docile and hesitant to strike. Corn snakes healthy into this class, as do ball pythons. That’s why Individuals two species are amongst the most popular snakes from the hobby. A nutritious corn snake or ball python is incredibly hesitant to bite its owner, and usually will only do Therefore if a stupid feeding error will take area (see definition of SFE previously mentioned).

Lots of keepers transfer their snakes into a individual tank or “feeding tub” at food time. The idea is this prevents the animal from associating the cage doorway opening with foodstuff, thus minimizing the probability that the snake will Chunk its operator by slip-up. I Individually don’t use this option, however it’s really worth thing to consider.

The real key to accomplishment here is to “Feel” like a snake. These animals use sight, scent and (in some cases) temperature to detect their prey. So if, one example is, you set your hand into a snake’s cage after dealing with a rodent, that snake might have a few indicators that prey was nearby — it might scent the rodent, detect the body warmth from a hand, and find out the motion of your respective hand. These are definitely prime disorders for your Silly feeding error.