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How to get more customers

Everyone has not stopped spending, they are just a lot more careful and the business that catches their eye with a witty, strong, honest and effective message will win their custom.If you do the same old thing you will get the same old results. So it is time to be creative.I am going to give you just a few pointers, but the real benefit is from registering for our 5 plan Crash course on ‘How to get more customers’ from our website. Change your attitude and way of thinking. If you are constantly feeling guilty about the fact that a regular customer or new customer must also be experiencing the credit crunch, then you are buying into the negative cycle which will keep you from being creative and productive. Change the expression on your face. When you spot someone who seems to have a ‘far away look’, or they appear ‘worried’ and not up to their usual immaculate perky self, you might always start your sentence off with “Are you feeling OK?” ‘You look worried..” You have instantly invited a conversation based on negative experiences, down trodden emotions which will sink both and all parties into a downward spiral of self pity. 마사지

If a sales rep came in and tried to sell you anything with such a mood, would you buy from them just based on ‘feeling sorry for them’ NO you would not and neither will any of your potential customers. Remind yourself and evaluate your approach to your clients. Are you using a CARROT OR STICK approach. Most people like the CARROT approach because it is pleasurable, and will avoid the pain of the STICK approach which is spending more money without seeing any additional value. When was the last time you ran towards someone with a STICK so that they could beat you?Boost your personal impact. This is a combination of things such as diet, exercise, personal development, networking with like minded people, changing your appearance, writing articles. All of these will help to stimulate your mental attitude and keep them positive. Never moan in front of straff of clients, encourage them to come up with suggestions and ideas that will benefit all parties. Source FREE courses and reports that can help you understand the current environment and stimulate new ideas into your business. Book yourself onto one day workshops that are practical, informative and with networking opportunity. Don’t break the bank, but sometimes owner managers forget to invest in keeping their own knowledge base up to date.


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