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Islam And All Religions Educate Humanbeings To produce A Peace In The World

In presently you will discover a lot Improper coments about Islam and moslem. I should say that it is not true that moslems are terorists. In reality, a terorism has no romance with relogions, but it surely linked with politic, social and idilogy. Well, might be there are several moslem organizations that considered as terorist, such as alqoidah, but it does not signify that every one moslems are terorists.

Allah The God states in Quran that each humanbeing learn tajweed online has a freedom to feel or not in the faith.. The Propeth Muhammad, may possibly Allah bless him permanently, also claimed ( hadist ) that each moslem or believer has to like his neighbours, if he however won’t be able to get it done , it ensures that his faith is just not ferfect. It’s great, isn’t it ?

Inside the bible Jesus also said that everyone has to like his neighbours as he like to him self. That is the next golden regulation. I am absolutely sure that each one religions come from The God. So There exists not faith that educate the follower to make destrucions in this entire world.

When Muhammad The Massanger lived in Madinah Al-Munawaroh, beside He’s a propeth, he was also a frontrunner of a country. May very well be in these days he was a president. His individuals containts of selection humanbeings. The greater part of them are moslems, Some others are cristians, jaws and atc. He purchased to his very own men and women such as this :” Whoever attacks any person ‘zimmi citizen’ ( the not moslem citizen but are now living in Madinah peacfuly ) it is simply the same that he attacks me “. It proofs that Islam is just precisely the same with A different religions, It teach and order to produce a peace.

Considering the fact that now, Hello Females and Gentlemen, lets say to all humanbeings With this globe to make a peace. Quit terorism, halt colonialism and in addition stop war. To Mr. President United states of america, be sure to Will not create a war any longer. To Alqoidah, please end your terorism. Allows do what Allah order to us. To you Israel, quit your colonialism to Palestine. Give Palestine His individual liberty.