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Mark Roemer Oakland Explores Effective Ways to Increase Your Popularity Through Facebook


Whether you are an entrepreneur, an influencer, or a freelancer, you need to have high popularity on social media platforms like Facebook to build your brand and increase your income. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, there are numerous ways to increase your popularity on Facebook. Let’s check them out:


The Ways


  1. Timing – Facebook posts get a higher reach when you post on weekdays, especially during the window of 6 and 9 pm. During that time most people are either at home, on their way home, or at the last hours of their job, distracted and browsing Facebook. The afternoon is a great time as well since people like to take a break and log in to Facebook during that time.


  1. Delete it if it isn’t working – Facebook keeps a tight lid on their algorithm. However, it isn’t a mystery that top posts get likes within the first half an hour and get recommended new feeds of other people. If you want to appear popular on Facebook, all your posts must have a high average of likes and reactions. Hence, it’s better to remove a post within half an hour if it isn’t drawing much attention.


  1. Engross people with captivating questions – Humans like to feel intelligent and knowledgeable. That’s why you see those videos and posts that show a problem and claim that only five percent of people or those with a higher IQ can solve it get skyrocketed to the top. You need to play the same trick.


Ask compelling questions and captivate the readers. “What are some great videos I should watch as a home cook?”, “Does anyone know why 5G is so expensive?”. Such questions encourage people to weigh in with their opinions and feel knowledgeable or smart with a great answer. Your comment mileage can go a long way with such captivating questions.


  1. Adjust the frequency – If you clog people’s feeds with a lot of posts, Facebook’s algorithm would knock you down. You will get fewer reactions, likes, and comments on your posts when you are too quick to post on the platform. Space your posts wisely so that people are aware of your presence in the community without getting annoyed. Moreover, often you will be surprised with a flood after a drought. If you don’t post for a few weeks, your next post may get a lot of love after your return.


  1. Click a picture with a celebrity – It sounds dumb and stupid despite being true. Click a picture with a celebrity and you have guaranteed yourself at least 50 likes on that post. The same holds for famous locations as well. If you click a picture at the Grand Canyon, Lincoln Memorial, or any such famous location, you would get showered with likes, reactions, and comments.



Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you should also edit and juice up your images before uploading them to Facebook. A bit of hue and flare are reaction fuel on Facebook.