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Mi Pod 2.0 – Everything you need to know

There is a tiny metal plate with faux screws engraved in it placed next to the mouthpiece, which lends the Mi-Pod a retro look. In addition, the Mi-Pod “M” logo on the body of the device functions as your e-liquid window and has a similar design aesthetic. Checking your e-liquid levels through the window is not the easiest thing in the world due to its shape, but it is manageable, especially when the room is not dark.

Five quick clicks on this tiny button turn the device on and off. A blinking LED light shines through the clear mouthpiece, indicating that the Mi-Pod is ready. The device is draw-activated, so you can just puff on it without pushing a button. To enter stealth mode, just hold the power button for five seconds. This will be helpful for those who want to avoid attention, as the LED is pretty bright when stealth mode is off.

From a design perspective, the only other drawbacks I’ve found with the Mi-Pod are very minor and not anything that would prevent me from using the device. The power button is barely protruding — I can’t even tell if I am actually pressing it most of the time. Not really an issue, as I barely ever turn the device on and off due to it being draw-activated. I also had some difficulties taking the pods out of the device to refill, but only for the first couple of times. Finally, the mouthpiece does get a bit warm when you first vape on it. Thankfully, it goes away fast, and I never felt it warm after the second refill.

To fill it up, first remove the pod, then unplug the rubber seal, and fill the pod through the hole. When first filling a pod, it is advisable to let it sit for at least five minutes to ensure that the wicks are saturated. At first, I thought that the filling hole might be too small for glass droppers, but I had no issues while buying it from andwhen using them to fill the Mi-Pod. Unicorn bottles also fit perfectly. I also liked how the rubber piece doesn’t come out completely, reducing your chances of losing it, something that thankfully is incorporated in a lot of pod systems lately.