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statistics before taking the authors word

Hedges aren’t just an emergency exit for your football betting strategy either. Although it’s not mathematically possible to bet for and against a specific outcome and make a profit (bookies would quickly go out of business if this were the case), with some careful selection from football markets you can make a hedge that minimises risk without destroying value.As an example, take a look at a previous Premier League match between Tottenham and Newcastle. Betfair Sports’ odds on Newcastle to win at 6/1 seemed like a worthwhile punt given their performance against Chelsea the previous week, but you may have perhaps wanted a bit of security before parting with your cash. สมัครแทงบอล Choosing a general market to minimise the chance of losing all your bets would have been the best course of action here.It’s sensible to start with a nice, broad market that could payout regardless of the team that eventually took home the points. And with the goal scoring prowess of both these teams, betting on over 2.5 goals at 4/5 would have been worth considering.Another hedging option is to utilise markets that factor in a hedge in exchange for lower odds. For example, betting on Newcastle or draw at 13/8, or Newcastle draw no bet (draw returns your stake) at 17/5.Money Back OfferHedging your football bets without destroying value has become increasingly more simple with the recent rise in money back offers. Betfair Sports in particular has come up trumps in this area. As well as offering to return your stake when one leg of a five-fold (or more) accumulator lets you down, their Cashback Extra promotion allows punters to choose from a selection of cashback triggers in certain matches.How to Know Whether Football Betting Tips are TrustworthyCheck the Site’s LegitimacyThe vast majority of football betting tips will be found at various sites across the web. A quick visual check of the site will help to determine whether it’s legitimate. See if the site has an industry standard footer including links to responsible gambling sites. Look for the word ‘secure’ or a padlock in top left of your browser. This will let you know whether your connection to the site is legitimate.Try to get a sense of how many authors write for the website. Do a google search to find out if the authors on the site write for any other publications. If they write for top football betting sites, it’s more likely that they wouldn’t lend their name to a dodgy site, thus furthering the likelihood that the site you are on is trustworthy. Research the Author’s Online PresencePlenty of tipsters will have a Twitter account on which they preach their tips to avid followers. If you can find the social media account of a football betting tipster have a look at individual threads to gauge whether people are trusting of them or not. If users are asking for more tips, it’s more likely the author is legitimate.If the tipster writes for other publications make sure to read through their work extensively. Ask yourself would you have used their tips in the past. If the answer is yes, and you’re satisfied with their online presence, it may be worth looking into their recommendations more. Make Sure the Tips Are Backed up by DataNever use an author’s football betting tips if there is no rationale behind them. If a tipster provides in-depth statistics about player/team performance and can illustrate their recommendations by using those statistics then it makes it easier for you to make an informed decision on whether to act on their tips.

Make sure to fact check a sample of statistics before taking the authors word for them. The Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga all have individual sites full of statistics where you can corroborate things. Bonus points awarded to tipsters who have used in-play data to inform positive football betting outcomes during a game. Find out if Other Punters Are Using the TipsComment boxes on articles can be useful. Find out if other punters have used a tipster before and whether or not they’ve found that it helpfully informed their football betting pursuits. Plenty of forums exist online where sports bettors group to discuss and analyse the information provided by football betting tipsters.Research these forums to see if there has ever been a positive/negative conversation around the author you’re looking at and his/her football betting tips. The football tips community is generally an open one in which users will exchange helpful information.. Only Accept Tips from an Author Who Is Using Them to Bet Too
When planning on using tips, make sure that the author is putting his money where his mouth is. If a tipster refuses to abide by their own betting advice or asserts that they “don’t need” to make the bet, you should disregard the information they’ve provided.A useful analogy here is to think of a chef that refuses to eat his own food for fear of being poisoned. On the flipside, tipsters are humans and should not be expected to bet all of the time, so try to strike a balance if you do end up directly questioning them.Be smart with your money and, if using a tipping source for the first time, bet conservatively. Remember that a tipster can never truly guarantee you a win, regardless of how certain they are about that surefire accumulator.Tipsters are simply giving their advice for a market and you are taking it knowing full well that nothing is guaranteed in the world of football betting – meaning they can not be held accountable for your losses. With all that said, a trader or tipster acting on their own advice is certainly a helpful indication that they truly believe in their bet.