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The Relationship between Mollusks and Oxygen Concentrations in Todos Santos Bay, Baja California, Mexico

This analyze describes the relationship between mollusks, physicochemical Homes of seawater, and sediments under purely natural problems of lower effect. 30-nine stations were being sampled in Oct 1994 using a Van Veen seize ( m−2). Temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations of bottom water ended up attained that has a CTD. Natural make a difference information and sediment grain Investigation were decided. A total of 836 mollusks have been collected. Gastropoda was essentially the most abundant (fifty two%) and diverse course with 27 genera, accompanied by Bivalvia with 8 genera and Scaphopoda with just one genus. In keeping with CCA analysis, dominant mollusks were noticeably linked with large DO concentrations. Donax, Natica, Acteocina, Bulla, Anachis, Odostomia, and Crucibulum can be classified as delicate genera mainly because they were identified mostly in high oxygen concentrations (–5.six mL L−1); Conversely, Cardiomya, Nuculana, Laevicardium, Chione, Truncatella, and Dentalium is usually classified as tolerant genera (one.0–5.six mL L−one). Todos Santos Bay hosts a diverse malacological fauna (36 genera); our outcomes show which the dominant genera ended up mainly relevant to large dissolved oxygen concentrations. Mollusks is usually a useful gizmo in environmental monitoring courses linked with oxygen depletion in coastal regions.


The phylum Mollusca is the next additional assorted in range of species only defeat with the phylum Arthropoda [1]. Mollusks Perform an important part from the recycling of nutrients; they are essential members of foodstuff webs as preys and predators [2], some mollusks are exploited cleanguider commercially by human populations [3–five], as well as other species are accustomed to get chemical compounds for your pharmaceutical field [six]. Besides, mollusks are actually used as air pollution bioindicators in coastal environments [seven, eight].

Pollution in the coastal parts is normally related to human functions, for instance, discharge of wastewater, agricultural operate-off, discharges from desalination vegetation, and mariculture. Hypoxic and anoxic situations prevail in certain aquatic programs, including bays, coastal lagoons, or estuaries; nevertheless, oxygen depletion has greater in coastal environments Considering that the nineteen sixties [nine]. Mariculture and various anthropogenic activities can favor eutrophication in aquatic methods producing oxygen depletion with significant ecological repercussions.

Todos Santos Bay (TSB) is located in the northwest Coastline of Baja California, one hundred km through the US-Mexico border at 31°42′–31°fifty three′ N; 116°37′–116°forty nine′ W. It has a place of approximately 168 km2 [10]; the bounds are Punta San Miguel to the north, Punta Banda for the south, and Todos Santos islands towards the west (Figure 1). Around 80% of your bay lies among ten and 50 m in depth [eleven, 12]; a submarine canyon is located on the southwest entrance of your bay reaching depths of nearly 500 m [thirteen]. In TSB the northwestern winds are dominant and variability is as a result of significant force method centered to the west of California. The principle path of superficial present is towards the southeast coming into with the mouth. This present-day reaches as much as ~35 m in depth; from the shallow coast on the bay (<35 m) the circulation is anticyclonic [14]. Currents are stronger in the southern region and near the mouth and weaker within the north and close to the Coastline [fifteen]. Inside the southern component aquaculture of mussels Mytilus edulis and oysters Crassostrea gigas normally takes put since 1991 and 1994, respectively, and from 2000 to 2007 the yearly mean manufacture of Crassostrea gigas continues to be 590 ton yr−1 [16]. From time to time the oyster culture boosts the event of anoxic conditions inside the overlying water [seventeen], but typically there won’t be any discrepancies of DO concentrations in oyster farming regions and Manage web pages [18]. Hydrodynamic disorders at TSB can figure out the local erosion and deposition of sediments along with the oxygen source at destinations Within the bay.

Examine region in Todos Santos Bay, Baja California: locations of sampling stations.
Most mollusks scientific tests from the Mexican Pacific Ocean are linked to species of commercial relevance and many air pollution indicators [19–23], and number of scientific studies have handled noncommercial species, for example, in the coastal and continental shelf of Jalisco and Colima plus the Gulf of Tehuantepec [24, 25]. Not long ago, other scientific studies of the malacological fauna during the area of Baja California were being posted [26–28]. A single of those scientific tests identified 122 genera and 202 species; eleven endemic species of Gastropoda and Polyplacophora ended up gathered [28]. Having said that, in Todos Santos Bay, there won’t be any malacological studies published Even though there are some publications of macroinvertebrate fauna, for example isopods and polychaetes [11, 29].

Oxygen depletion in seawater impacts the abundance and distribution of benthic fauna. The response may vary in numerous species but a progressive tension is noticed as DO focus decreases [thirty]. Although mollusks have been thought of trusted indicators of human impacts [eight, 31], There exists tiny information on how these organisms are affiliated below purely natural problems with oxygen Mollusker concentrations. Crucial to our ecological understanding of coastal ecosystems are benthic communities; benthic fauna responds to anthropogenic disturbances and it is for that reason a useful tool for monitoring environmental alterations [32, 33]. The intention of the do the job is to determine the interactions in between mollusk abundance and physicochemical Qualities of seawater and sediments underneath normal circumstances of small impact.

2. Substance and Methods

A total of 39 stations (Figure 1) were being sampled with a Van Veen get (0.1 m−2) in Oct 1994 aboard the study vessel Francisco de Ulloa. Physicochemical knowledge within the water column ended up attained utilizing a CTD at Each and every station. Environmental details calculated integrated temperature (°C), salinity, and dissolved oxygen (mL L−1) at one m over the seafloor. Two sediment samples were taken for each station, the initial to investigate the macrofauna and the 2nd to review sediment granulometry and organic and natural make a difference written content. Samples for macrofauna have been sieved by means of nested one.0 and 0.5 mm mesh screens, and organisms had been Formerly comfortable using an MgSO4 Resolution in the course of 10 min and glued in 7% buffered formalin solution. During the laboratory, macrofauna was sorted to distinct zoological groups and stored in 70% ethanol. Mollusca were being determined to genus stage employing various taxonomic keys [34, 35]. Abundance (ind 0.1 m−2) per station and overall abundance per genus (sum of all folks) ended up calculated.In sediments, natural matter material was determined by ignition loss [36]. To investigate sediment granulometry, 50 g samples ended up dry-sieved, via a series of mesh dimensions (from four.75 to −4ϕ), and mechanically shaken for 10 min. Sediments retained on Every single sieve have been weighted and The share of each and every granulometric class was calculated

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