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Tips for Exploring Grand Central Terminal from Arlo Hotel

New York City is a cinematographer’s dream. Every corner presents interesting angles, iconic buildings, and a lot of energy. At Arlo Hotel, we’re located less than a mile from Grand Central Terminal, an extraordinarily cinematic setting used in numerous movies and TV shows. If you’ve seen the classic movie “North by Northwest” or the gangster film “Carlito’s Way” with Al Pacino, then you’ve experienced the drama and beauty of the terminal on film.

Our proximity to Grand Central Terminal makes it a “must see” destination. We recommend all our guests visit it for a few hours to appreciate its iconic style and learn more about its history that’s integral to the spirit of New York City. Visitors should spend most of their time in the beautiful Main Concourse, which spans 275 feet and contains many wonderful details on the columns, ceiling, and tile floor. This room exemplifies the station’s Beaux-Arts design and incorporates artwork and superior craftsmanship. It’s one of the 10 most visited attractions in the world. An often-photographed highlight of the Main Concourse is the legendary clock that sits on a pedestal in the information booth. The details of the concourse stand out, from the ten 800-pound chandeliers to the opulent ceiling.

Since it’s a bustling train station, Grand Central Terminal isn’t just for tourists, but it’s a vital part of many daily commutes, including for some of our Arlo Hotel staff. It’s a great location for people watching because it brings together people from all walks of life and from around the world.

Dining at Grand Central Terminal should mean a stop at the Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant, an iconic dining spot that offers fresh seafood and a stunning design. Opened in 1913, this venue should return to full operation as the pandemic fades. There’s also an eclectic food court in Grand Central Terminal that offers multiple types of culinary delights.