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Types of Gemstones and their significance

Gemstones are precious and rare stones that are worn by many individuals in the form of rings, bracelets, necklaces to bring a positive change in their life. These stones hold the value of utmost importance and are known to bring good luck in individuals’ life. Different gemstones can serve a different purpose such as one may require it for health, other for good married life or prosperity, etc. These stones can help in transforming lives for good.

There are various players in the gemstones industry that promises to sell the best quality gemstones but not all those promises are true. Many sell fake gemstones in the name of pure and rare gemstones. This has shaken the confidence of customers but there is one business that goes by the name Khanna Gems that provides the right quality of gemstones to their clients. They are someone that is embracing change as they provide online service to their clients offering convenience and comfort by not comprising on the quality of gemstones.

There exists a variety of gemstones to choose from. But one must be careful in choosing the right gemstones that will bring improvement in one’s life. The gemstones that are good for one might not be as impactful for others. One must wear gemstones by taking the recommendation of the astrologer as they will by studying your horoscope determines which gemstones are best suited for them. These will indeed the individual to overcome life’s hurdles and challenges. Without expert guidance and recommendations one must not just wear any gemstones. The type of gemstones that is best suited to you will also depend upon the reason you want to wear them as every gemstone have different things to offers. These are some important considerations that will help you in choosing the right gemstones for you.

Before wearing gemstones, one must know which gemstone does what so that no mistake is made in selecting the wrong gemstones. This will ensure you get the best results in your life through the stones. Also there are certain ways that one must wear these to bring in the positive change in ones life. The gemstones and the purpose for which it is used are mentioned as below:

  • Ruby Gemstones: This stone represents the sun that heads the solar system. Sun represents positivity, position, and authority and thus this stone can help you to avail yourself this. It helps in getting support from authority and administration. This stone is also known to enhance self-confidence, leadership in one’s life. If you are looking to bring fame and name to your life, then the ruby stone is the right stone. This stone is also effective in dealing with blood-related diseases. The color of this gemstone varies from dark red to light pink. To wear this stone, the first thing is to purify it by dipping the ring into milk, honey, and water for 20-30 minutes. This stone is to wear on the finger of the right hand. The metal for the ring can either be gold or silver. The best day to wear this gemstone is on Sunday morning around 5-6 a.m.
  • Pearl: Pearl represents the moon in astrology which is the second most influential in the horoscope. The pear is used for bringing peace and calm into one’s life. Pearls also represent wisdom and spirituality. If one is suffering from the issues of tensions, indecisiveness, and some sort of instability in their life. This stone will help to bring one thought clear. It makes the individual physiologically stable. Before wearing this stone, one must dip it in Gangajal or cow milk for its purity for at least 10- 20 minutes. This stone can be worn as a ring on the little finger of the working hand. To get the benefits of this tone, one must get it embedded in a silver or gold medal. The morning of Monday is a suitable time for wearing this stone.
  • Panna: Panna or emerald stone represents mercury in the solar system. Mercury represents wit, intelligence, love, wisdom. Thus By wearing Panna, the individual can see improvement in their intelligence and wisdom and also help in getting rid of the negative thoughts. It improves the innovative ability of the individual. To purify it one must dip the ring in Gangajal or unboiled milk for around 10-20 minutes, only after doing so one can wear it. The ring is to wear on the little finger of your right head. Gold is the most suitable metal to get the stone embedded in the ring. This stone is worn on Wednesday morning around 5-7 am.
  • Yellow Sapphire: Yellow Sapphire stone represents Jupiter which is also known as the biggest planet in the solar system. This planet represents happiness, wisdom, health, etc. This stone can also prevent various ailments such as jaundice, liver and lung problems, etc.For wearing of this stone one must first purify it in honey or Gangajal for at least 10-20 minutes. It is worn on the index finger of the right hand.  It must be embedded in a gold medal for the best results. This stone is to be worn on Thursday morning around 5-7 am.
  • Diamond: This stone represents luxury in one’s life. To wear this stone, it is important to purify it by dipping it in Gangajal or milk for at least 10-20 minutes. This stone must be preferably worn on the small or middle finger of the right hand. It can be worn either in gold or silver medal. For best results wear in the morning of Friday.

These are some of the various types of gemstones that can be worn to change one’s life. To enjoy all the benefits one must choose the quality gemstones from Gem Selections. The gemstones by them are properly certified. As Business Standards states the purity of the gemstones provided by gem selection is beyond words. And through their online service, more and more people prefer them. Thus to have the highest quality of gemstones, only trust gem selection.